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September 2018

Welcome Back
The new school year has taken off with a flying start, with our Year 3 pupils quickly settling in to their new classes and school routines. Pupils in Year 4 have already been on a school trip to Martin Mere and have been allocated instruments for their music lessons. Year 5 has celebrated Roald Dahl Day, while pupils in Year 6 are enjoying working with our new French teacher, Mrs Gibbons.

There is so much to look forward to this term. Details of some of our forthcoming events and activities can be found on our Diary page, while the class pages show the topics to be studied and the books to be read this term.

School Diaries
Every child, from Year 3 to Year 6 has received a new Forefield Home/School Diary to record homework and other important messages. Please take the time to look at the first few pages that set out our Mission Statement, Pupil Guarantee, Holiday Dates & our Home/School Agreement. There are also pages that require a signature so that we have permission to take pupils on short visits within our locality and to use the Internet. At the back of the diary you will find key spellings and a times tables chart.

We continue to strive to meet our attendance targets. Each week, if our whole school attendance hits 97%, our School Council receives £10 to spend on playground equipment! At the end of the first full week, our Year 6 pupils are leading the way with 99% attendance so far this year, closely followed by our new Year 3 pupils on 97.6%, Y4 on 97.2% and Y5 on 96.9%.

It has also been a great start to the year in terms of punctuality – thank you for ensuring that the children are ready for registration at 8:55am – remember doors open at 8:45am.

School Clubs and Activities
As the new term progresses, there will be a variety of clubs for children to join – including drama, dance, music and sport. Many of the clubs are provided by our own staff for free but we also work with specialist companies who charge per session. A timetable of clubs for the week ahead is available on our website, and can also be found on the reverse of our weekly newsletter, Forefield Matters.

For safeguarding reasons, we respectfully remind parents that they should only attend school clubs if they have been invited to watch. This way, we always know which adults are on the school grounds. Thank you for your understanding.

PROUD to be Forefield
During our INSET Days, the staff worked on connecting the PROUD Values in our Mission Statement to the expectations we have for our pupils. For each value we will, with your support, guide the children towards each of these qualities.


  • I have a thirst for knowledge.
  • I approach activities with enthusiasm.
  • I love a challenge and enjoy solving problems.
  • I know my skills and aim to build on them to be the best I can be.
  • I pursue my interests beyond the lesson and beyond the school.
  • I share my passions and help to inspire others.


  • I follow the rules and use good manners.
  • I treat everyone as I would like to be treated – showing kindness & consideration.
  • I listen carefully to others – without interrupting.
  • I think carefully about what I say and how I say it.
  • I know that hurting someone is never OK.
  • I look after my own and other people’s belongings.
  • I value and take care of equipment and resources – tidying away when asked.


  • I aim to be in school every day and on time, with all of the equipment I need.
  • I welcome new experiences & approach activities with curiosity.
  • I always have a go.
  • I attend clubs, enter competitions and fully participate in the life of our school.
  • I appreciate the opportunities on offer - even if they are not for me!
  • I remember that just because 'I can' doesn’t mean 'I should'!


  • I have my own opinion and share my views.
  • I am my own person and value my skills and talents.
  • I recognise that other people have interests and hobbies that I don’t share and that’s OK!
  • I appreciate everyone’s uniqueness – wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same?
  • I can be part of a team and still be me – because I know that if I work well with others I can achieve more.


  • I show commitment and keep going.
  • If I have a problem I look for a solution.
  • When things are hard I try my best and appreciate that to be successful I must practise.
  • I know that the more effort I put in, the greater the result will be.
  • I know that success takes time – if something goes wrong once that doesn’t mean it always will.

Forefield Matters

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